The Four Personalities Of MBA Aspirants

While I was preparing for my MBA my limited social circle introduced me to a lot of people. These were either preparing for MBA or either had some opinion for students opting for MBA. Everybody had something to say, someone to influence. Even my 15-year old cousin was throwing big terms as career, future and faculty at me. My friends and peers in CAT preparation also seemed to quote and accept these opinions into their life and decisions. I began to see some common traits amongst such people including me. Let us try to put that into perspective.


1. The We-have time people

The most chilled and laid back people. They would do anything to fill the form on the last day because they have internet banking. They are aware of most things because they have intelligently subscribed to good Facebook groups and e-mail chains. They might study hard or might not but they will definitely give least thought at their college selection. They would just go for college which stands tallest in rankings and have been most widely heard in their social circles and online groups. P.S. – Beware of these people as they are pretty chilled and influential. They would most probably change your decision based on some hearsay maybe for your worse.


2. The We-only-trust-the-one

These are the “bhakts” / “devotees” of either their faculty or their best friend, or their parents (least likely), or some online group/guru. They would listen to all but will blatantly reject anything said opposite to their “The trustee”. They act as loudspeaker for only the few and would not care of your opinions. They are friendly and hold most knowledge about the options that they have. They will act as they already lived and breathed in the air of almost every college they are talking about. This person’s cousins, friends and acquaintances have done MBA from all the colleges in India. P.S. – They are completely non-harmful and have highly biased but expert knowledge on few topics.


3. The Middle-ones

This category of people just want to study as they are not worried about college selection. They know that at the time of decision they would talk to few awesome people, go at some great information sources and everything will be fine and dandy. They are somewhere near We-have-time but they differ as they would become the Actives as soon as the date for deed comes near. P.S. – They are greedy and you would be good in staying away from them.


4. The Actives

The most sought after people in CAT preparation. They know the most, they are highly connected, they use their smart phone smartly and they are in every possible online group (Facebook/ Whatsapp/ Twitter/ Quora / etc./etc.). They would help you if you ask nicely. Talking to them will make you feel like talking to an admission counselor. They would confuse you more than they would solve problems for you. They would always have reason to reject even the IIM’s. You would want as much knowledge as them. You would talk to them daily just to fill you in with relevant information. P.S. – They are awesome in small doses but as soon as you start asking more than necessary you will get more confused and highly tensed about your future.


Finally. You and me

So, you have must have placed yourself somewhere in one of these personalities. You might like it and you might not like it. But the truth is this decision will change your life. Post-graduation is the last degree for most of you and you would want to enter the family-life with good credentials to support your future. This is why builds you the perfect range of criteria to help each one of you bridge the gap between information available and information useful. If you have capacity to attain only 90 percentile why should you be bothered with what is going on with IIM A or B.


What do you think? Please tell me if you have stumbled across someone with a different personality trait than these.