About Us

The domain InsideIIM.com was bought in a hostel room at IIM Indore in February 2011 without a team, a business plan or desire to get funding. It was driven by a passion to help students make informed career decisions. Our only tool was Stories - Real-life stories, inspiration and motivation, analysis and insights using data from admissions and recruitment (placements). Alumni and students came together to help future students and job seekers. We didn't understand business models or 'scale'. The business models developed on their own later. Our primary responsibility was towards the student and will continue to be towards the student.

We have made many mistakes over the years. We will make mistakes in the future too. But we will strive hard to Delight our community and our partners. How you score us on the delight meter is the only metric that matters.

Today, InsideIIM.com is a unique community of India's Top Talent that pursues or aspires to pursue a career in Management. Current MBA Students and Alumni from India's Best Schools as well as high potential MBA Aspirants from India's top undergrad universities interact with each other as well as connect to India's Best Employers and Universities. InsideIIM.com helps about 2 Million Unique users every year. InsideIIM.com has helped some of India's brightest minds in their journey from a student to a professional. They now work in top companies or have ventures of their own.

Kampus Konversations App was launched in 2018 which helps campus students engage with and apply to top companies in India. The app digitises the entire engagement as well as the recruitment process for companies that visit the campus for hiring.