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From Scoring Single-Digit In DILR To 99.64%ile In CAT 2021 | Shivam Nakod, IIM B Co'24

I hail from the city of Amravati in Maharashtra. Born and brought up in my hometown, I did my engineering at the Government College of Engineering, Amravati. Ardent LinkedIn networking helped me get a front-end consulting role at Draup - Zinnov based out of Bangalore. Owing to brief but meaningful

Why I Received 0 Calls Despite 99.41%ile In My First CAT Attempt- Sayan, CAT' 21 99.94%ile, IIM A Co'24

Sayan Ganguly comes from a small town called Bankura in West Bengal. From his surname only, I think you have guessed his nickname in college it's 'Dada' of course! He

All India Open CAT 2022 Mock Test | In Association With TIWYS (Formerly Takshzila)

The mock-taking phase for CAT 2022 has begun & we're sure your preparation is going on in full swing. More than attempting the mock tests analyzing them, trying different strategies,

Summer Placement Preparation 2022 - The Complete Guide | InsideIIM Placement Prep Series

This article, we will be targeting the aspect of preparations related to the Summer Placements. This detailed guide will help you in drafting your resume, to preparing for HR questions

How To Prepare For The Quant Section? - A Non-Engineer's Perspective | Prachi Gupta

It is a common phenomenon in the MBA world to see people coming from a Non-Engineering background struggle with the Quantitative Ability section of CAT, XAT and other OMETs. No