10 likely encounters on your first day in B-School

In few weeks, a few lucky ones will change their tag from aspirant to student. From several thousands who appear GD/PIs, only a select few who are deemed to be special and can contribute to the diversity of the batch will make it to a b-school. This article gives a glimpse of the different kinds of people who are likely to be encountered on the first day in a b-school.

1. Your future Neta

Some people are born leaders. But a win in student body elections may have eluded them all through their careers. Since b-school gives a last chance, they are on the task from day one. They somehow sneak into group conversations and talk as if they know not only you, but also everything under sun. If you are sitting alone in the dining hall, don’t worry: they are the first ones to strike a conversation. Also, these people would have added many people in the batch on facebook even before joining. If you are not yet added, an add request is on its way.

2. The muggu

Their talk is filled with ranks, percentages, percentiles and other typical toppers’ stuff. Even on the very first day, they are very much worried if the faculty for their section are liberal in grading compared to others. Most likely, they would have made a schedule for end-term exams. The moment such person meets a senior, first question would be “What is the cut-off for XYZ company?”

3. Rich Kid

These are soon-to-be owners of their respective family businesses. These are usually a minority in B schools who are unconcerned about placements, jobs, etc. Also, ROI is never a part of their decision to join the b-school. They choose to join a particular institute because it’s conveniently located or has liberal hostel rules. Very soon, these people are seen chilling out while others slog it out for exams. This is also reason why they are envied at times.

4. Party animal

(Intro sessions going on in the common room)

‘What’s your favourite drink?’

‘I don’t drink dude.’

‘Oh come on, you are in a b-school for god’s sake!!’

It’s not even a day but these people are already busy figuring out important details like In which pub is the freshers party going to be, Are DJ parties allowed on campus, etc. If you are a localite, be ready to be quizzed about places where alcohol is available for reasonable prices. Most likely, they will call you for a wing party or section party during the first weekend itself.

5. ‘Aspiring’ entrepreneur

Rarest of the lot. At least during first few days, these type of people exist. Someone misguided them and convinced them that an MBA tag is a shortcut to realize CEO dreams. They are very enthusiastic about upcoming b-plan competitions and might even ask you to team up. In few days or weeks, they come terms with the reality.

(No offence to real & passionate entrepreneurs)

6. Cry baby

These are of 2 types

–  First time inhabitant of a hostel: They will be seen cribbing about the water cooler that’s not working or food in mess which is very spicy. Basically, everything is a problem. Worse, they might have already made 100 judgments about their roomie and would start bitching about the same.

–  MBA for wrong reasons: May be his/her job is frustrating or job itself is annoying and monotonous. Even before the action starts, they cry about tight schedules & tough times to come. “I used to wake up at 9 aaram se. Now I have to wake up, bath (?), have breakfast & be in class by 8:30”

7. The irritant

Either their Under-grad college or work experience is better than many (at least they think so). They feel that joining that particular b-school is below their dignity and boast about their friends who converted better b-schools. Most of what they talk is about past glory which hardly matters.

8. Victim of weightage

Poor guy. Must have scored 79.95 in his bachelors or wouldn’t have dreamed about the importance of board exams when he was just 15. Immediately after introducing himself, he talks about percentiles, percentages, and a long list of achievements that are supposed to set him apart. He wouldn’t have yet digested the fact that he missed few GD/PI calls by a whisker. Also, even after joining a b-school, a few will secretly be in hope of converting in 3rd/4th list of a higher ranked b-school and won’t interact much with others till all the lists are out.

9. Eager Crucifier

The typical I rule all breed. Even when not asked, they keep telling everyone about themselves. The moment you finish your intro, they don’t hesitate to belittle your background. If you are a national level quizzer, they say it doesn’t matter in MBA. If you are a soccer player, they play FIFA very well.

10. ‘Package’ guy

(Dinner table)

‘What’s this year’s average package?’

‘Don’t know exactly. May be around X lpa’

‘Acha. Bonus, variable milake?’

‘Not sure!’

‘Leave it. Let’s say package is Y lpa. How much will be in-hand, after tax cuts n all?’

‘:O :X :|’

On the very first day, these people are worried about what happens in the last few weeks. All the discussions are centred on knowing package details, companies, comparison with similar b-schools, etc. In every interaction, they try to pull some data points to extrapolate for themselves.

– Sasi Kanth

SasiSasi Kanth Pingali is a PGPM  student at MDI-Gurgaon. Previously, he worked as Sr. Business Analyst in one of the world’s largest pure play analytics companies. His interests are Analytics, Consulting & Marketing. He is a foodie, loves traveling and blogs at http://saladthoughts.wordpress.com/

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Sasi Kanth

Sasi Kanth Pingali is a 1st year PGPM student at MDI-Gurgaon. Previously, he worked as Sr. Business Analyst in one of the world’s largest pure play analytics companies. His interests are Analytics, Consulting & Marketing. He is a wannabe fitness freak and blogs at http://saladthoughts.wordpress.com/


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