10 Role Players That Your Business Team Must Have

During my two year journey at IIM Indore I have realized the importance of working in teams. MBA is all about people and time management. As a story writer that has developed in me through this 2 year internship with InsideIIM.com, I have identified 10 actors who must always be a part of the business team.

Check out who is a part of your team and who you require in your team.


1. The Glowing Bulb.

Glowing bulbs are the center of attention. They possess the qualities of being witty, charismatic and brim with ideas.
Glowing bulbs are initially tagged as being arrogant or rude, however they are just creative and move quickly. They are often bored and if their energy is not channelized, notoriousness is bound to happen. People working in sales and marketing department want these type of people. If you think you need to make your product fresh and exciting this actor is missing.


2. The Golden Chick

Attraction does not make money. To make money or keep a track of it the golden chicks play the part. They can be anyone like masterful CFOs, target meters that are usually kept in dark in companies.
In a nut shell they are the money managers.


3. The Futurists

As the name says they are the rare people who vision the plan right from the end to the beginning, that is from a bird’s eye view.
Yes, you know them. People like Apple’s Steve Jobs or Larry Page, Sergey Brin. These are the most appropriate consultants to decide your team plan. They are the ones to be consulted frequently.


4. The Maestros

Maestros can be defined as innovators with specialized knowledge. Steve Wozniak shall be termed as the maestro. These masterminds help build things faster and better. Without them ideas are bound to rot.


5. The Words Master

Now businesses cannot run just with the above mentioned people. These excel at use of words at the right time, with the all sorts of people. They are best at organizing their thoughts and accordingly communicate to the audience. In a world like today when people have lost importance for content they might be overlooked but they have the capability to control the conversations.


6. The Connecting Chord

Business cannot run in isolation, thus someone is required who has knowledge across the pools so as to bring others of the team towards shared goals.
This connecting chord helps to unstuck you and to their own network they keep adding people so as to prove that “business’s network is its net worth.”


7. The Goliath

Intensely loyal souls the goliaths of a team can beat anyone down and do not give up easily.
Their intensity and overconfidence reinforces that they would take the initiative to start the pending plans and shall not give up before making it successful.


8. The Organizer

Someone has to take the onus to structure the things in the desired way and in a business team. They are the ones who keep records of details. And if managing details is eating your head, organizer is the one to be brought into your team. They will keep you organized and help you hit the tactical benchmarks you are probably overlooking.


9. The Conqueror

Conquerors are destroyers and creators. These reconstruct businesses to remove what is not necessary and tweak all parts to optimize things. They spend incredible amount of time and energy.


10. The grey haired

Every business needs a grey haired to survive. From negotiating to sermonizing every business needs one who can act as mentors and teachers to bring the best of the people. They are like the heads of the hindu business family who will guide you through to avoid the common mistakes.