8 Things how to get the best of your MBA

MBA life can be very hectic and taxing but it is also an opportunity to learn and have an experience of a lifetime. A full time MBA in India is essentially only an 18 month course and it can all get over pretty quickly before you realise where all your time went. Here is a list that will let you make the best of these two years.

Play your favourite Sport– There are several inter b-school sports competitions that are extremely competitive along with the intra-school events. If you are passionate about a sport, vent all your MBA fatigue playing it. It will help you just as much as your studies.

Pursue your hobby– Many would complain that b-schools give you no time to pursue a hobby but the fact is that people have had time to start-up new ventures in MBA which is by far the most time consuming hobby. There are more chances of you getting selected in an interview answering questions about your hobby than from Kotler.

Interact with as many people as possible– College is a great place to hang out and make lifelong friends. It is a place to meet diverse people and grow as a person. There is no other place where you can make so many friends in so little time.

Choose courses you love– MBA would offer you multiple courses in multiple domains. Choose the courses you like, live projects you will like to work on and assignments you learn from. There is lot more to MBA than just placement. You can actually learn a lot if you have the will and interest to grow your knowledge. No need to waste a lot of time doing something that is part of your course but not your interest.

Start something new– Studying in b-school will give you a vision to see gaps or opportunities around you. There are lots of simple but unsolved problems around you that no one is taking care of. If you take an initiative in these two years and create something new then you leave behind a legacy.

Attend all parties– Even with a lot of fortune it is hard to replicate the ambience of college parties. So to break the monotony of usual college life, it is important to take a plunge into the craziness of college parties. These are the days when you create memories (good or bad).

Win a corporate competition– This will get you some good cash to celebrate and also name and fame of a “winner” along with chances of securing a job.

Get a PPO– Last but definitely not the least, the key to making the best of your MBA is landing a good summer internship and getting a PPO. It will give you enough time to do whatever you like and peace of mind to enjoy it as well.


Ishan Arora is a student from IIFT who has had a very regular life- an engineer, an IT professional and now an MBA student. He is very passionate about writing and writes on a personal blog A Vent in the Delirium. He is also in love with music and plays on internet radio in his college.


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