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A Year Of Many Wins For IIM Indore

It’s not a secret that placements still remain as the most important parameter to juxtapose the performances of 2 or more b-schools. However, the quality of performance of a b-school’s participants in a multitude of well-renowned corporate as well as institute-organised case study competitions is also a critical parameter used

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing Resume For PIs

It’s a matter of hardly a month by when all the major b-school entrance exams will be over and the candidates will anxiously await their results. Once the results are out, the alarm bells for getting their act right in the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds will start ringing

If The Countries I Visited On Student Exchange Were Humans

“The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”It won’t be an exaggeration when I say that I’ve infused life in the aforementioned quote of Gilbert Chesterton and that I’ve lived it word by word on my student exchange program in Europe. In hindsight,

Happenings Around The World – November 22 - November 28

And the one exam which had kept hundreds of thousands of aspirants on their toes for the past one year or so came, shook the world for 3 hours and went away in a jiffy akin to a puff of smoke. Some of the test takers are experiencing a delirious