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Akshita Agarwal

Current Student | IIM Ahmedabad

Akshita Agarwal is an MBA candidate at IIM Ahmedabad, Class of 2017-19.

Akshita Agarwal is an MBA candidate at IIM Ahmedabad, Class of 2017-19.

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Scoring Topics In QA You Should Not Miss Out On - Tips From A 99.87%iler

The syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude (QA) section may seem vast at first. However, there are a couple of topics, 5 to be precise, that are almost always tested during the CAT. These 5 topics constitute roughly 50% of the total questions asked in QA section. The other 50% comprises of

4 Things To Remember While Writing A Resume: Tips By An IIM-A Student

A resume is a tool that helps recruiters select candidates for various positions at organizations. I agree it may not be the best tool, but it serves the purpose efficiently. That's the primary reason why recruiters ask for your resume as the first check in their selection process. Therefore, in

A 2-Minute Read: For A Happier You

Do you believe that the choices you make determine how you feel? Would you agree if I say that the satisfaction we derive from the things we own reduces as the number of options continues to grow?The level of happiness does not depend on what you choose. It depends on how

Tips To Improve Your Percentile In VARC By Akshita Agarwal - 99.87%iler, IIM Ahmedabad

For those who consider VARC their weakness, here are a couple of tips that may come in handy. I've been asked a lot of these questions over the past couple of weeks and I'm glad to pen them down at one place.Q. I'm only able to get through 20-22 questions