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Meet Santhosh, The Transporter Of IIM Kozhikode - The Real Life MBA

Prologue:What does a couple at IIM Kozhikode going out on a first date, an IIM Kozhikode’s internationally celebrated professor going out for his guest lectures and a student dashing to the Airport after summers are over have in common? Had you ever been to IIM Kozhikode you would have known,

The Last Week Before CAT: The Revision Strategy To Maximize Your Score

A belling the CAT preparation is never complete without a thorough revision of your hard work. So here's what you can do maximise your preparation in the last lap.  QA&DI:Distill your notes to create a 1-2 A4 sized pages write-up. It would have important formulas (only those that you consider necessary

NPA Decoded: The Past, Present & Future

Our student team member Aman Jindal reached out to Rakesh Kumar Yadav and Divyanshu Jain to find out more about the problem of Non Performing Assets, a matter of great concern for Indian Banking and Economy.  Here they discuss the matter in detail.A strong functioning banking sector is the very

Being Negative For Growth - The Conundrum Of Negative Interest Rates

At the recently concluded Economic Symposium organized by US Fed at Jackson Hole, Wyoming involving leading central bankers and economists from around the world, there was a growing clamor for more radical measures to fuel growth and inflation. The chief among them being negative interest rates being used in Japan