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Hi,Congratulations! If you are a second-year student then on your convocation and if you are a first-year student then on your impending summer internship!My name is Ankit Doshi and I'm the Creator of We at feel privileged that you think we are worthy of your precious time.However, our

Why Are We Ignoring Our Teachers?

I spent the first evening of 2019 watching Bollywood's latest blockbuster, Simmba. In the film, a highly corrupt and unethical Inspector Sangram Bhalerao (Simmba) has a few shreds of goodness in him which enable him to turn over a new leaf. The fact that he had some values instilled in

Your Odds Of Entering IIM Ahmedabad Or IIM Bangalore Have Just Gone Up

Should we be opening more IIMs or should we increase the batch strengths of the existing IIMs? Or should we do both?In the last 8 years, I have often pondered over this question. The first time I encountered this question was when in 2010, the director of the IIM I

Life Means More - A Message For Every Student In India

I woke up today to the sad news of an IIM Lucknow student's death. It was shared on whatsapp by one of the members of our student team. Media reports claim that it is a case of suicide.At this point of time, my first thoughts are with the parents, close