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The Reading Bubble Of CAT | VA-RC Tips By Ankit Desai, IIM A 2020-22

VARC – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is the first section that appears on the CAT. It is considered to be the most scoring section, unless things get really bad as they did in CAT 2019. So, let’s first understand how the VARC section looks like in the CAT and

Tackling the DILR Monster | Tips And Strategy By A 99.99 Percentiler

I took the CAT in 2019 and secured 99.99 percentile in the DILR section. DILR is a very important section in CAT as it gives a level field for all the aspirants unlike Quant and VARC. DILR tests your ability to think on the spot and come up with an

CAT Preparation Tips By Ankit Desai | IIM A, 2020-22

What you’ll be reading now will be a long drawn out text of how I prepared for CAT and scored a 99.91 in my first attempt. I’ll try to touch down on every phase of the preparation and you can pick up from the phase you are currently in. I’ll