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A reader, globe-trotter and a food junkie!

A reader, globe-trotter and a food junkie!

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Student Exchange Program - IIM Udaipur Student's Perspective

When I was selected to undertake the student exchange program with EDHEC University in France, I said to myself “Mischief thou art afoot, take what course thou wilt.” Student exchange programs in general, and the ones that IIM students undertake in particular, are notorious for being labelled as Euro Trips!

All You Need To Know About The IIM Bill

The IIM Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in July 2017 and the Rajya Sabha in December 2017. What took everyone by surprise was the quick presidential nod which generally takes anything between 2-6 months. Suddenly all students pursuing their PGDM from IIMs of the country went into a

The Amazing Journey Of An IIM International Student Exchange

Statutory Warning: This article is meant to inspire you to undertake the student exchange from your b-school. All experiences narrated in the article will be over the top and mind-boggling. At times exaggeration will be used as a tool to entice your imagination and make you swoon!From the fun and frolic

A Baniya’s Take On Demonetisation

It has been about 13 months since the government announced the much criticised demonetisation policy on 8th of November 2016. Much has been debated and written about it since then. While the opposition and the intellegisia of the country has been hounding the government day and night about its failure,