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The Social Butterfly - Aanchal Rawal - Celebrating Womanhood Of IMT Ghaziabad

Aanchal Rawal, the girl full of enthusiasm and energy, comes from the traditional background of a middle class family from Lucknow. Making her way through different schools and cities, she knows how to fit in and yet, stand out.From Ghaziabad to Paris(more on this later) - she is one of the

A YouTuber Who Dreams To Be A CEO – Srishti Saini – Celebrating Womanhood Of IMT Ghaziabad

Srishti Saini is a young girl of a visionary and enthusiastic character. Whatever piece of work comes her way, she manages to double up her energy levels and deliver the best possible quality output. Her quality deliverable is a result of her intelligent efforts.This coffee addict has a bachelor’s degree

From Marriage To A Manager - Anuja Bhattacharjee - Celebrating Womanhood Of IMT Ghaziabad

Very few times in life we come across people who have a lasting impact on us. They have stories that have defined them and inspired others. Anuja Bhattacharjee is one such story. When there were students, who had completely immersed themselves in their CAT-2015 preparation and were worrying about their

A Woman With An Unmatchable Spirit - Rishika Choudhary - Celebrating Womanhood Of IMT Ghaziabad

This is the story of a girl with grit and determination, who would go on to fight the odds and come out victorious. She belongs to a small town in Rajasthan and till the end of her high school she was in a class of 7 students, 5 of them