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Why I Didn't Call My Parents For My Convocation

My MBA was the first time I stepped out of my home and my city. After a few months of teething troubles, I relished this freedom to recreate and nurture my identity without the shadow of parents, relatives and even friends looming over me. A Gujarati boy from a conservative

Brands We Love - Uber

In this new series, we stop being management students and become innocent consumers again. We look at the products and services that touch our lives, mould our human connections and stand witness to our many triumphs and trials. If you are a future marketer, this series will help you visualise

Business and Life : BCCI's Benevolence

Cricket stadia across small town India have suddenly started seeing the influx of large batches of school kids accompanied by their teachers and peons to attend the international cricket matches. The former generation would remember going to the stadium with their cricket-crazy families in the 90s - the madness of

Business and Life : Radio Stations and Waning Attention Spans

This week, we are running a new series where we look at seemingly small adjustments that businesses are making to their offering, and try to reverse-engineer their insights and examine what they mean for us as consumers. Our observations will be followed by questions as we want you guys to