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How Much Should We Attempt To Get 99th Percentile? - 2IIM

We all want to know how many questions does one need to attempt in order to get a certain percentile. In fact, we want to know just some number, some arbitrarily concocted number, just some number – and we want this number so badly that we care not about the

How To Go From 95th To 99th Percentile - CAT - 2IIM

The last few yards are the toughest. Going from 95th percentile to 99th is the toughest. Going from 9000th in the Country to being in the top 1800 or so cannot be easy. So, what do the top 1800 do differently? Or, put differently, what should you do to give

Mock CAT Index – Everything You Need To Know About Mock CATS - 2IIM

1. START: When should we start taking Mock CAT?This is akin to asking ‘when can I have my lunch?’ when you are already hungry with food before you, waiting to be eaten.Take that first Mock now. A lot many students keep it for post preparation period, which unfortunately never comes. So

Average Growth Rate Vs CAGR Explained - 2IIM

Growth rate, average growth rate, CAGR – these are three terms that appear frequently in exams. I am going to examine each of this with an example.Let us say company XYZ has revenues in 5 consecutive years as follows2011 –  Rs. 1200 crores2012 –  Rs. 1250 crores2013 –  Rs. 1310