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The Glass Ceiling: How Women are Blocked From Getting to the Top - Knowledge from IIM Indore - Prof. Shweta Kushal

The Glass Ceiling: How women are blocked from getting to the top, Knowledge from IIM Indore with Dr Shweta Kushal of IIM IndoreDr. ShwetaKushal is an Assistant Professor in the area of Communication. She has earned her doctorate in English Literature from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at

10 Role Players That Your Business Team Must Have

During my two year journey at IIM Indore I have realized the importance of working in teams. MBA is all about people and time management. As a story writer that has developed in me through this 2 year internship with, I have identified 10 actors who must always be

'New Managers need to be trained in Disaster Management' - Knowledge from IIM Indore - Interview with Anupam Bhasin, Hero Group

Anupam Bhasin has worked as a whole time director of Hero Corporate Services Limited and Director (HR & TQM) for the Hero group ($4.2 billion revenue). He led teams responsible for conceptualizing and starting new businesses, growing existing businesses and turning around closure of loss making business units of the

IIM Indore Through Lenses Of An Exchange Student - University of Münster, Germany

We have always seen students of IIMs going on exchange to universities abroad. In the same set up, students from abroad come to our universities in India. David Merzger is one such student from Germany, who had come for a term to IIM Indore. He is pursuing masters in studies