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PGDM student at IMT Ghaziabad

PGDM student at IMT Ghaziabad

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In The Age Of Free Expression And Lost Mind

A lot is happening these days. JNU, Rohith, Parliament, Beef, GST, Intolerance….the list just goes on. There are slew of speeches that appear in my FB feed every day.  Modi, Arvind, Rahul, Kanhiya, Smiriti, Anupam, Barkha, Ravish…. again the list goes on. People slam each other as bhakts, pseudo, anti-nationalists

6 ‘Life Management’ Lessons that 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' Teaches You!

Quite frankly I am a Jawani Deewani fan. For all the fancy setting and faulty storyline, Deepika’s mini skirt and the bollywoodness borrowed from DDLJ, I choose to ignore them. Because there are things which are ‘far beyond to be seen’ in that movie. There are emptions which can be

Kind of Characters you find in a B-School

Club/committee- B-school competitions-Class Room Learning – Short Term Projects- Sports- Chilling/SleepingA life of a B-School student can be summarised via any of the six zones mentioned above. Two or three of these zones dominate the things we do in a B-School. Some of us end up in all of these

Stumbling from an MNC to a Start-up - The Tough Internship

My first day ‘there’ begun with my missing the bus for my induction program, to be conducted at Ramada. ‘Here’, fortunately I reached on time, the induction though was- waiting in a small pantry for two hours for someone to acknowledge us. That’s how my internship journey began.It was only