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How To Build A Career In Sports Ft Srinivvasan G, CEO, Sporjo, Ex BCCI, Ex Nike

Dreaming of a career in sports? Contrary to popular belief, a career in sports doesn’t necessarily mean being a ‘sportsperson’. There are several lucrative roles in the field of sports that together create the riveting experiences we’ve all come to associate with sports. But, how do you manage to get

Get A Glimpse Of The World Inside Tata Motors. Take The Day 4 fanTAStic Quiz On Tata Motors Now!

We are on the fourth day of the fanTAStic Quiz, powered by TAS. We have seen some amazing answers from you on the previous quizzes and we are hoping that you will keep doing a good job. The competition grows more interesting as it nears completion. To increase your chances

The fanTAStic Quiz Now Takes The TRENT Route. Take The Third Quiz To Know What Makes You Trendy!

We loved the responses we have received in the previous two days and would like to thank you for taking an active part in the fanTAStic Quiz competition. We are here with the third quiz in the fanTAStic quiz competition, in association with TAS. The quiz today is on the

FORE Executive (PGDM) PGPX: A Programme That Builds On Work Experience

Management Programmes For Experienced CandidatesThere was a time when the accepted norm was for individuals to complete their post-graduation right after their graduation and then start their career, going on till retirement. Life was compartmentalised and predictable. For a few years, there has been a growing trend of professionals seeking