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NIRF – B-School Rating - A Dubious Exercise

The recently published ratings by NIRF are full of glaring errors, of omission and commission. While the errors are so obvious to the experts and knowledgeable students, in the hands of a student or parent who doesn’t have sufficient knowledge it leads to wrong and indeed harmful choices.Before I analyse

The Formula To Tackle Reading Comprehension

For most CAT aspirants, Reading Comprehension is a nightmare. “It takes too much time” “The answer choices are too close” and so on. So how does one attempt and more importantly crack Reading Comprehension?Firstly, RC has to be attempted, as it accounts for 16Q, almost a 3rd of Section 2.

Cracking The Verbal Ability Section - CAT

First things first! To crack CAT, you need to be good in all major areas of CAT and your should have a balanced strategy to attempt CAT.To do well in section II, you need to have a balanced set of attempts in RC (min 2 sets), VA (min 8 Qs)

Cracking CAT - A Realistic Plan

In various articles, CAT preparation is given from the viewpoint of the subject areas like QA, LA etc. and how to prepare for them. Today let’s focus on the other aspects, the planning, the time management, the resources available required to crack CAT. Is there enough time for CAT?While there is