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an 'unlikely uncommon quintessential' engineer

an 'unlikely uncommon quintessential' engineer

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From Startup to Sustainable Corporation

“What does happen after your 20 minutes of fame? Do you remain a passion based startup or a TechCrunch achiever?”Startups run in small groups or teams, originally with two or three co-founders having a living room or a garage with a couple of laptops or computers and plentiful flair and

The Viral Fever. The Viral Strategy

In the middle of all the anti-Section 377 videos released, possibly the one that best summarizes Indian attitudes and perceptions towards same-sex love or attraction is ‘Coming Out Of The Kitchen Closet’, the recent sketch published by The Viral Fever on YouTube.In the sketch, we see that two young men

Is Gamification the new best friend of HR?

Employee engagement techniques, like intranet information sites and coffee room poster campaigns have become passive these days. Gone are the days when they could hold the concentration of employees to make any impact other than wasting HR budgets. The posters have become just wallpaper.This shows the sign of hierarchical, siloed

Breaking Stereotypes: In search of a risk-free MBA Grad

After having spent a year in a B-school with only few months left to go, I believe that 1 or 2 years is a significant part of one’s life. ‘Experience’ is probably the right word in my opinion. Treat these 2 years as an experience and you shall probably make