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Common Traps To Avoid In The Quant Section Of CAT Exam

Typically, CAT aspirants find the Quantitative Aptitude portion of the CAT as difficult and challenging. It is filled with many chances to make huge mistakes and possibly fail or have a low score. That is why it is most important to prepare for the CAT in advance through practice of

Impact of the CAT 2014 Changes on CAT exam Takers

Don’t be shocked.We know how hard it is to prepare for the CAT with only three months remaining. Then, suddenly, the world throws a surprise. It is easy to get tossed off the game, lose the mental edge, and panic. But, don’t. By now, you know that the Indian Institute

How To Prepare For CAT Exam In 3 Months?

Some people plan to prepare for the CAT exam years ahead of taking it. They enroll themselves in CAT preparation courses through face to face coaching or online. So, you may be asking if, with all the pressures of managing day to day life, including perhaps a full-time workload, it

Key Changes in the CAT 2014 Exam

The IIMs have announced major changes for the 2014 CAT including changes in the number of questions, the duration of the exam etc. Here is an analysis of how these changes affect you and what you should be doing over the next three and a half months to make sure