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An author (Chiaroscuro, Glimpses, BBCKCCS), an avid daydreamer :) IIM Amritsar PGPM 2017-19

An author (Chiaroscuro, Glimpses, BBCKCCS), an avid daydreamer :) IIM Amritsar PGPM 2017-19

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Lighting The Lamps Of Joy And Success - A Karan And Anu Story | Sankalp - The Social Responsibility Club Of IIM Amritsar

What do you want to be in the future?I want to be like Medhavi Didi.The touching answer from one of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya selected student, Anu perfectly encapsulated the entire bond of love, affection and gratitude these students have formed with the members of Sankalp-The social responsibility IIM Amritsar.An

Aagaaz 2.0 | IIM Amritsar's Cultural Induction Night | A New Peregrination

You may remember a thing by reading or listening to it, but you will never forget it when you’re a part of it.Taking the trite metaphor ‘Breaking the Ice’ to a new level, the students of the 2018-20 batch of IIM Amritsar organized and participated in the second version of

A Letter Of Recommendation - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

“So here goes the bootlicker again!”“I wonder how people could go that crazy for marks which seem irrelevant after a point in life. But then he’s been doing this since the inception.”“Yeah! You always have such unique specimens in every MBA batch.”The muffled insults, like some cacophonous horns, were bleeding

AArunya'18 - The Cultural, Sports, Management Fest Of IIM Amritsar

The first ray of the sun, a revival of the slumber dreams, a diffusion of a newfound energy, an alarm of the endless power, and a new page to scribble a new success story. The first ray of the sun, entering through that small skylight, burning away the bleak cold,