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SPJIMR goes International - Why PGCIM?

The world’s economies can be broadly divided into two clusters: a) emerging economies and b) matured economies and the managerial competencies required to function effectively in these separate clusters are quite different to each other. PGCIM is SP Jain Institute of Management and Research’s unique pedagogical endeavor to give you

Message for PGCIM by Dr. Lata Dhir

Prof. Dr. Lata Dhir is a psychologist who has been teaching Organizational Behavior (OB) at the S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR). Her innovative pedagogy for OB which goes beyond the four-walled classroom is not only unique and creative but elicit interest in India and abroad. Her

SPJIMR's PGCIM- The NukkadLiga

A Geographically, Meteorologically, Politically, Historically Apt time:There was a time, not long ago in the sporting circles of India, when people used to talk about the need of a new football league which would bring revolution in the country, a league which would surpass all expectations in terms of footballing

SPJIMR's PGCIM- Personal Growth Lab 2014-15- An event beyond experience

SPJIMR follows a unique approach in teaching “Organisational Behavior” conceptualized by Dr. Lata Dhir (an Erasmus Scholar and a Psychiatrist). Here OB as a subject unlike other MBA colleges is not taught in the class like any other course. Dr Lata Dhir has made it more practical by designing a program