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Last Term Break Spent Well At IIM Lucknow!

While the past 4 term breaks were spent holidaying or enjoying time away from our busy lives on campus, this last term break came with a plethora of opportunities. For some, especially ones with work experience, this was the time to secure their dream jobs in the lateral placement process.

Things To Decide To Build Up A ‘CV’ During Undergrad Days

Most people every year close to the admission season always ask me what they can do to better build their profiles, be more employable or to even increase their chances of getting into a better B-School. It would be wrong to say that I have it all figured, however, now

Non-Engineer's Perspective To Exide's Innovation Challenge

Exide launched its first edition of the Innovation Challenge in September 2017. Exide is a key player in the battery market and is a regular recruiter from top b-schools in India. The aim of the competition was to give 2nd-year students of a top b-school a platform to apply their

Looking Down The Memory Lane - From The Desk Of A 6th Term Student

Before stepping into IIM Lucknow, I'd had less than a month of vacation. Due to the lack of time and my innate innocence, I hadn't thought about what I was getting my self into. In short, I hadn't really thought of what I wanted and what I was going to