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Dr.shubhra Chakraborty

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The Summer At Philips - A Marketeer's Summer Internship Chronicle

PROLOGUE (THE FLASHBACK) - Being a doctor by profession and being the only doctor in an MBA batch of 300 comes with its own set of perks and challenges. And that’s why I think I was especially excited when Philips Healthcare came to our campus for its pre-placement talk. I had

From Rural MP To Reliance TUP Grandstage - A Doctor's Journey At SCMHRD

It all started when reliance came to our college SCMHRD’s campus for the grand launch of Reliance TUP. I had a vague idea about the competition before, but the actual scale and the grandeur of the event became eminent during the campus orientation. The Reliance aspire session was led by

Musings Of The Only Female Doctor In A B-School

As I sit writing this piece in my hostel room at 2 am at night at SCMHRD, I can hear a buzz. My head is buzzing, the hostel is buzzing, the entire campus is buzzing. The summer internship season is here, or as one of my more wittier batchmates commented