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Why You Should Unleash The Writer In You

Although we all have the ability to write, we usually lack the inclination to write. Writing is an art which can be only mastered through practice and effort. While writing is done professionally, it also shows up in multiple facets of our lives which makes it too important to ignore.WHY

Implications Of A British Exit From The Eurozone

The Eurozone has been dealing with more than its fair share of crises from the Greek bailout to the recent immigration crisis but the exit of a major player like the UK will definitely have long lasting consequences for the EU. UK is the second major economy in the EU

Free Basics : Mutually Beneficial Benevolence Or A Gilded Cage

One of the last controversies of 2015 and the first one in the New Year was around Free Basics. After the harsh reception that Internet.Org faced Facebook rebranded the system and tried to release it using an advertising campaign, sugar coated survey and a duplicitous email spam (through its

Is Religion Still Justified As A Source Of Morality?

Morality is the principle governing a person’s distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour. Morals play a crucial role not only in a person’s interaction with others but in the development and behaviour of society as a whole and it is important that a person attains the