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75+ Free Written Ability Tests (WATs) To Help You Ace Your MBA Interviews

MBA season is here! Students are gearing up for the intense MBA admissions process to crack their dream MBA College. The process across all major IIMs and other B-schools is pretty much standard now. WAT has recently been incorporated by some of the major colleges to replace Group Discussions. But certain

5 Hacks to Ace MBA Interviews | MBA Personal Interview Preparation Guide

Personal interviews generally carry the highest weightage up-to 50% in the entire MBA admissions process. They are the last and the most crucial step in your journey to get into your dream college. Even if you’re a 90 percentile and aced your WAT, you can still not convert to a

What To Do If You Didn’t Get A Good CAT Score? | 3 Alternatives

Around 2,29,000 students registered for CAT 2021 out of which 83.4% took the test. The total number of seats across the Top 25 MBA colleges is roughly 10,000 meaning 1 seat for every 19 students. It is well understood that not everybody will get a Tier 1 MBA college and

How To Plan Your CAT Drop Year Effectively? | Top 4 Hacks

In 2021 approx. 190000 students took CAT. Not everybody will get into the top MBA college of their choice and a lot of students would decide to take a drop year to prepare again. If you’re someone who has decided to take a drop year to prepare for CAT then