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The Ugly Truth Of An MBA Graduate

He was staring at that patch on the floor. There was a fly sitting on it, fluttering her wings. He kept looking at it absently for long. Time was not an issue. Or may be time was an issue, because it was too much and he had nothing to do. He was

The Most Inspiring Success Story That You Will Read Today!

A real life story as told to me by one of my friends:That was a pleasant evening of December, I was quite happy. Had I felt that I did not deserve it, I would have been ecstatic. But I knew, I was that good! I did extremely good work consistently

Life Before And After MBA

  MBA ज़िंदगी में शादी की तरह आता हैअपनी तरफ़ ललचाता है, लुभाता है, रिझाता है,कभी CAT दे के इठलाता है, कभी XAT देके शर्माता है३ मुस्कुराती हुई लड़की ब्रोशर पे चिपका के, अपनी तरफ़ बुलाता हैराम का नाम ले के अड्मिशन हो भी जाएतो पहला टर्म भी हनीमून की तरह

Love Affairs In Colleges In Early 2000s

So how the love used to take place in 2000s in C grade Engineering colleges? First thing first: Getting her phone no. was the most difficult thing. There was no WhatsApp that time, so no chat group named as "Mechanical Rockers of Krishna College" used to exist. That was the time when