Currently pursuing a regular two year MBA (PGP) from IIM Indore UAE, hoping to utilize the next two years to learn from the best business professors in India and Middle East before re-joining the professional mainstream, in a managerial capacity to continue my education with work experience and broadening my horizons.

“Just call for blood”, Interview with Khushroo Poacha, Founder –

Khushroo Poacha, Founder – “Help each other One to One. Do not depend on our Leaders”.- Mother Teresa KHUSHROO POACHA, an office superintendent with the Indian railways, has kept his day job while running He’s an unlikely innovator with a mission: to prove that making a difference and sustaining an enterprise isn’t all

“Taste it, don’t waste it”, Interview with Mustafa Hashmi, Founder GlowTide

Mustafa Hashmi, Founder GlowTide  It’s remarkable that he is working towards this noble cause when most people of his age are concerned only about their career – M Neelima, Founder – Cherish Foundation, Hyderabad. Next time when you are going to throw your half un-eaten food on your plate into dustbin, take a PAUSE and

“Soch Badlo, Desh Badlega”, Interview with Winnie Singh, Founder & Executive Director – Maitri

Winnie Singh – Founder & Executive Director, Maitri While we are so busy in meeting our career aspirations and climbing the professional ladder, sometimes we forget to look back at our Parents who are getting old and need our support. “Do not forget your elders and discard them when you think you have no use