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Iim Shillong Placement Committee

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Placement Committee of IIM Shillong

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong

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IIM Shillong - More Than A Typical Business School

IIM Shillong, the campus in clouds as it is known, is so much more than typical business school. Of course there are many things that are part and parcel of a B-School like packed class schedules, competitions, deadlines that are always around the corner, surprises quizzes, longer days and even

IIM Shillong - KOPDA CUP: A Thrilling Experience

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”Sports forms an integral part of any educational institution especially a B-school for the stress that students have to face as they get overburdened with so many pre-reads and assignments every day. Majority B-schools have intra-college sports tournaments in a way

IIM Shillong - A Typical Day

It's 5:45am. The alarm goes off. You peek out of your window and witness the heartwarming drizzle. It has been one year, yet the weather always finds a way to mesmerize you. It's 6:30 and the fitness freaks are up and ready. A former national Tennis player, professional Cyclist, Marathon

IIM Shillong - Campus In Clouds

Indian Institute of Management Shillong – “Campus in Clouds,” this is what participants and other associated persons of the campus call it. But, I wonder that is it this only the thing they could feel about the campus. I agree that what all I think about the campus can’t be