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6 Errors To Avoid During CAT 2019

It’s about the time when you’ll be face to face with the CAT. About the time when your knowledge, as well as the time management skills, would be screened through the lens of a three hours long entrance exam. With the clock ticking at one corner of the screen, it

10 CAT Myths Debunked By IIM Rohtak Students

CAT is around the corner and every aspirant would want to make the best of the preparation they have done so far. The misconceptions that prevail in the minds of aspirants, can lead them to bog down and encapsulate them in tension. Every individual has a unique methodology and strategy.

Journey From Delivering Newspapers To IIM Rohtak

A remarkable journey of  Rakesh Kunbi, 29 years old, who made it to IIM Rohtak facing the odds right from a young age. Reminiscing early experiences he said, "My grandfather was a mill worker while my father was a Homeguard officer in Mumbai. The main source of our family income

An Impeccable Journey Of An International Chess Player To IIM Rohtak

“In life, or in business, as in chess, one must play all sorts of positions well, seize the opportunities when available, defend if forced to, and attack when possible, but always adhere to the dictates of the truth of the position”, Ashish Pandey, 27, International chess player, firmly believes in