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Pro Tip On Handling MBA Loan | Ft. Shailesh, IIM Shillong

If you are pursuing an MBA, there is a high chance that you have taken an educational loan. Here, I will be discussing how one should plan their finances during and majorly post MBA.Most MBA course fees hover from 15 Lacs to 25 Lacs; thus, the preference to take an

Rub Of The Green: My Experience At IIM Shillong | Ft. Vani Vivek, Alumna, IIM Shillong

I arrived at IIM Shillong starry-eyed and ambitious, and learned the first invaluable MBA lesson on my first day itself- Don’t look back! The moniker ‘Campus in Clouds’ is often enough to give people an idea of what awaits when they spend two years at my alma mater, but let

One Year In IIM Shillong | Ft. Pankaj Ranjan, IIM Shillong

The incredible journey of an MBA does not start on the first day of college. It begins with the idea of going for a degree and ending with finally getting that perfect B-school. After a year of preparation, hard work and slogging, finally came the day when I saw the

A Sneak Peek Into The MBA Life | Tips By IIM Students

Diversity in an MBA program is like a balanced diet. We know it is the necessary bare minimum, yet only a few MBA colleges ensure the same.We cannot blame the institutions here. After all, an MBA is a master's degree/diploma (depends on where one is headed), which ideally requires prerequisite