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Iim Sirmaur Placement Team

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IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.

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Learning With Torch Light! - IIM Sirmaur

As an IIM student, one gets many opportunities and exposures which are not limited only to the domestic circuit but the international ones also. SDA Bocconi and the IIP in Milan has left us with so many memories to cherish. It was 9th of June when we went to Milan

The Legacy Of IIM Sirmaur

A beautiful location away from the main city, a lush green campus, an array of clubs & committees intended towards self-development, amazing faculty, friendly students .. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH .. And the list goes on …. Such similar string of words has been used time and again to make campuses

The 'Rocky' Experience At IIM Sirmaur

A great, objectives-oriented plan with the ability to adapt to situations willingly and radically changing the operation and delivery based on the variability is vital to a supply chain’s configuration.Like supply chains, teaching also comes in different ways, while some professors just rush through presentations expecting students to develop an

The Wonderful Life At IIM Sirmaur

IIM Sirmaur is one of the six 3rd generation IIMs of to the prestigious IIM family of Management Schools in India.There are several things that make my campus unique in different fronts like geography, academic life, administration, library, computer centre, well-equipped gym, football ground, badminton court, professors, mess food, hostel