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Do You Know The Number Of Squares And Rectangles In A Chessboard

Often times in CAT exam, questions are asked on "How Many Squares Are There In A Chessboard?" or "How Many Rectangles Are There In A 8*8 Chess-board Which Are Not Squares?", etc. These questions though look time confusing or difficult to some but are not if approached with right concept.

A Bittersweet Journey To IIFT Delhi - iQuanta

January 2015 : It was yet another monotonous day in office. However, things were even gloomierthat day. XAT 2014 results were out and while I had managed to score a decent percentile (97), I had royally screwed up in the decision-making section, managing a paltry 69 %ile, thus ruling out all hopes

How To Prepare For CAT In 3 Months - iQuanta

Getting to the point directly, a lot of aspirants keep asking why their marks aren’t increasing in Mocks even after they have covered the syllabus. Now check this graph. You see you will forget half of what you read after 2 weeks and 90% after 2 months.This means you will not retain what

From Nowhere To IIM Bangalore - Atul Jha's CAT Journey

Atul Kumar Jha IIM BangaloreCAT %le 99.24CAT 2012My first encounter with CAT was in 3rd year, NIT Jamshedpur when I found my roommate buying coaching institutes course material. Being a Mechanical Engineer, all I wanted then was a decent job with a good pay. However, peer pressure made me enrol in one