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Jagruti Jagdish Shenoy

Alumni | Xlri Xavier School Of Management Jamshedpur

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My Mahindra Diaries: Week 5 & 6 - Travel, Review And More

Sometimes one does not want the journey to end, despite the quest to reach the destination. This summer internship has been that kind of a journey for me. To give you guys some context, I had my final review of my project by the CHRO yesterday. Although I had expected

My Mahindra Diaries: 4 Weeks At M&M And 4 Important Takeaways

M&M hosts a culture which is extremely people-centricJust to give you all a context, my project requires me to map current employee experience at Mahindra and then create a road map to achieve the desired Mahindra Employee Experience and owing to this, I have been interacting with a lot of

My Experiences As A Mahindra GMC Intern - A First Week To Remember

Having previously worked in a sister company of M&M, I knew about the opportunities that each person associated with this organisation gets to achieve what they have always looked for. I was overjoyed to receive another chance to go back and do my summer internship with the Mahindra Group and