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From 'Why Not MBA' To 'Why MBA' - An Aspirant's Journey

The glossiness of the chandeliers to the glassiness of the interiors nothing could outshine the sparkle in the Aspirant’s eyes as he absorbed all the honour he was bestowed upon in the banquet hall of a premium (countless stars) hotel at prime time when rates would be supreme (For the

Is AAP responsible for rising intolerance in MBA GDs in India?

Come February as results of various entrance exams flood our consciousness voices rise, opinions are slammed everywhere and virtues of national integration and brotherhood on which our forefathers had written the constitution are forgotten.The difference of opinion though are not on the entrance marks, surprisingly everyone though is shocked or

Spamming with your MBA Dreams

With a profile picture of a muscular Emraan Hashmi on your social networking address, countless words about yourself pretending to be someone else and five minute photo ops at the swankiest places with the things in the background we could never afford, nothing is real in our make believe world