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Making Inclusive Innovation Work - From IIM Indore Director’s Desk

[This week's post is a continuation from last week's post - insights from the Inclusive Innovation conference held at Rashtrapati Bhavan.] Funding InnovationFunding of innovation is always a challenge, and one that different countries solve in different ways.Gilles G. Patry, President & CEO spoke about how the Canada Foundation for Innovation has invested

Revisiting Inclusive Innovation: Notes from a Recent Roundtable - From IIM Indore Director’s Desk

The practice of inviting outstanding grassroot innovators to the majestic environs of Rashtrapati Bhavan, the home of India’s head of state, was started by President APJ Abdul Kalam when he was president. It’s a tribute to the rootedness of our national leaders and the persistence of Drs. Anil Gupta and

Madhya Pradesh as a Manufacturing Hub - From the IIM Indore Director's Desk

When prominent demographer Ashish Bose suggested the name “Bimaru” for the collective of four north Indian states that were struggling to perform well on both the economic and social fronts, little did he realize that this name would stick for several decades to follow. But, it’s now a moniker that

Reflections on a trip to Odisha and Rajasthan - From IIM Indore Director's Desk

I just got back to Indore after a week in Odisha, Delhi and Rajasthan. It was a good trip, and set me thinking on multiple fronts.Development DebatesOne of the big debates in India in recent times has been on what conditions you need to create for investment and development to