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Kanika Jain

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The Blue Shirt

Shirt, there are different kinds of shirts. Plain shirts. Printed shirts. Flowery shirts. Beach shirts. Subtle shirts. Loud shirts. Long shirts. Maybe even crop shirts (Who knows what all fashion they are coming up with these shirts). But one shirt touched my life in a way no other could. Right after

Fears and Milestones

Overcoming Our Fears Once you start to overcome your fears everything around you becomes easy. All you have to do is out in the effort and the time and all your fears will disappear. The fears you have right now should be gone by the end of the year if

HR Internship at Bain and Company

The purpose of this study was to understand how the HR team of Bain and Company, India Pvt Ltd, functions to make sure that the human needs of the organization are met and how the changing requirements of the organization are catered to.For an organization that is committed to delivering