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Marketing Mix: A Way Of Life

After a long time, I got an opportunity to meet my friend. We discussed a lot of things from our old memories to the significance of mind and human behavior. A very interested thing which came on the table was about traditional marketing concepts and how they are an indivisible

DSE MBA IB 2014-16 Induction Experience

“With the beginning of a new chapter at DSE, my journey of self-improvement continues. Getting good news on the very first day about the conversion from MIB to MBA-IB was overwhelming. Being here brings some familiar feelings which tell me that it is going to be a remarkable and memorable

Why India does not need its poor??

Poor people are the victim of vicious cycle of poverty where causes and effects are so entangled with each other that it has become almost impossible to break it. Effects of poverty are such that they never occur alone; they are interrelated in a way that the task is difficult