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How To Get Customers To Own Your Brand? - Strategy With RS

Do you still take all decisions relating to the long-term profitable growth of your brand? The answer probably is yes. After all, the brand belongs to your enterprise and it is your job to ensure that it stays in the pink of health.Unfortunately, as Bob Dylan warned: ... admit that

Lessons Ola Can Learn From Lyft To Fight Uber In India

It seems that #Ola is losing ground to #Uber.What should Ola do to regain lost ground?For that, let me share with you the strategy followed by Lyft, a ride-hailing company based out of the USA which also competes with UberTo gain a competitive advantage over Uber, Lyft decided to change the ‘rules of

Women & Men Reject Insensitive Brands - Strategy With RS

Women view themselves is changing at a brisk pace. They are confident & desire to be their real self all the time. Regrettably, many brands are not keeping pace with this reality. Result: women are rejecting these insensitive brands resulting in loss of business for them.Take Victoria’s Secret (VS), arguably

Business Lessons That IPL Final Can Teach Us?

I watched the IPL Final & this is what I observed.1. Captain’s body language: It was a disappointment! From the moment he got out,#RohitSharma’s facial expression & body language indicated that he had already given up. Even when he led his team on to the field his shoulders were drooping & self-doubt