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Nykaa - The Story Of A Venture By An IIM Ahmedabad Alumna

Nykaa - A beauty and wellness venture started by an IIM A alumna.This article is all about why we love the freshness of Nykaa. After only 6 years of its starting, it has easily become the first choice of every lady in India for any beauty product of their choice.A

Why Mock Tests Are Important For CAT Preparation

'What Strategy should I follow in order to ensure a good percentile in CAT?' This is the most asked question if we go to any CAT exam related portal.Every CAT aspirant that has actually cracked this code and is sitting in his/her dream college will tell you many points. Everyone

How You Can Rewire Your Brain To Crack CAT

Ever wondered why you excel at what you love doing? Be it watching your favourite sport or your favourite TV series, painting, playing instruments or playing video games.How your hands know what to do exactly with the video game controller or how you know at which step the player went

5 TED Talks That Every MBA Student Needs To Watch

Any exam we face is a battle. We have to plan it, prepare for it to conquer it. But many times it so happens that we need to get some reassurance; reassurance of whether our methods are right or confirmation of what we need to achieve something we dream of.