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MISB Bocconi is the Indian presence of Bocconi University in India. In Mumbai, we deliver our flagship program, Post Graduate Program in Business, which is a 22 months program of 2 modules of 11 months each. In the second module, students get an opportunity to complete their specialization in our Milan campus at Bocconi University for 4 months.

”I Solved Around 30 NMAT Mocks To Get Ready For NMAT” – Gurpreet Bhati – 220 In NMAT 2016 – MISB Bocconi

Gurpreet Bhati, currently a student of PGPB6 at MISB Bocconi, did his under-graduation in Engineering before deciding to pursue a career in the dynamic world of Finance. Fondly known by the name “Guru”, Gurpreet is known for his analytical skills, quick problem-solving capabilities and love for numbers. He also has to his credit scoring an

9 Life Lessons That You Can Learn From Travelling – Travel Diaries

My Second year at Bocconi gave me plenty of opportunities to explore the world. First up was the Campus Abroad Program at the iconic UC campus at Los Angeles. California is a beach boy’s dream and living there for a month taking a course on Entrepreneurship, working with colleagues from across the world including Imperial College

Academics With Cultural Mix Was The Essence Of My Exchange Semester – MISB Bocconi

Snapshot of my experience @ Bocconi India is a hub of several ethnicities and cultures, albeit their thought process and way of working converge eventually to the same methodology aka ‘Indian style’. Exchange semester is an opportunity to explore the world, gain international friends and live life as a local in another culture. My exchange

Demonetization – RBI – Government Of India v/s Dalal Street

November 8, 2016, was the historic day when the Prime Minister of India – Mr Narendra Modi announced a 50-day drive towards demonetization of the already printed old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes effectively from midnight of that date. The demonetization drive was basically put in action to end the fake currency circulation of the