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CineMBA - Communication Skills Lessons From Swades - InsideIIM & MISB Bocconi

Why make learning a mundane activity when you have a chance to learn it from a movie? In this video, Dr. Seema Khanvilkar from MISB Bocconi presents the lessons in communication skills like never before. She describes these lessons with the help of 2004 movie, Swades.

5 Book Recommendations For Aspiring HR Managers

A company or an organisation is only as good as the employees that work in it. And you as HR Managers or to be HR Managers, will be responsible for bringing the best out of your employees. If a laptop breaks, you can just call for another one, but when

5 Management Lessons From 'The Art Of War'

When I was pursuing my Masters in Industrial Psychology, we had a guest lecture on ‘Lessons in Applied Psychology by Sun Tzu and Chanakya’. Somehow the lessons by Sun Tzu have stuck by. And it’s not only in the field of psychology that the principles of Sun Tzu can be

'Speak Up' - 5 Ways To Be More Assertive

Do you find it difficult to say no to your overbearing classmate? Do you find it difficult to speak to your professor/boss? Are you often overburdened with work because you couldn’t say no? Do you find it difficult to speak to a perfect stranger? Have you ever just done something