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Trysting With K - Campus Life At IIM Kozhikode

I remember I had updated my Facebook status as ‘Konverted’, after getting an admission to IIM Kozhikode merely for the swag. However, hailing from Kolkata (Calcutta), the ever-whining me always criticized using such misspelt words. Later, I found it was a frequent sight on Facebook, be it for the onward journey

Echoes 2017 - The Cultural Festival At IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode, better known as “God’s Own Kampus”, is proud to present the biggest cultural extravaganza of the year, Echoes 2017 will be held from the 3rd to 5th of February, 2017. Over the years, Echoes, the national level annual cultural festival of IIM Kozhikode, has hosted exquisite performances from

The Hindu Lit For Life - The One With Conflicting Ideologies

The year 2084 A few days back I went home to attend The Hindu Lit for Life, though my father would be the most liberal person you would meet in matters that are deemed bad by most parents told me not to attend the event as he thinks that The

Feelings Of A To-Be-Friend-zoned Guy

The author of one of the best articles of 2016, Kishan NR, from IIM Kozhikode, decided to share his thoughts again with Noel Roychoudhury, this time about one of the most talked about issues of life, in general.   Feelings of a to-be friend-zoned guy –"You are a dreamer to seek what