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Should You Quit Your Job For CAT Preparation? What About A Year Drop?

Find it difficult to manage CAT Prep after a frustrating day at work? But how will a year drop look on your resume? How would you defend it? Is there a way? Of course, there is and we have, Deepak Mehta, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, answering one of the most

Resume Leveling Up For MBAs - Certifications To Boost Your Profile

For Finance Professionals:CFA: Granted by the CFA institute, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is one of the most popular generic certification. Requiring at least 1.5 years of commitment to clear a 3-stage examination, and costing a minimum of $2400, it is highly advised that one is serious about it before

How To Present Yourself In The Best Manner During Interviews

Confidence, public speaking, body language, communication skills etc may be considered "soft" skills, but mastering them is quite hard and would require hours and days of practice.Assuming that you have prepared well the content of the interview. That is, you are well versed in your responses to the generic questions

MBA Survival Strategies For Before The Start Of The Program

If you have some spare time before starting the PGP course at a B-school, you could utilise that to pep up your resume and acquire some useful skills for the course.Making an effective presentation: You are going to be doing this a lot. And I actually mean a lot. Like