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Fieldwork Memories - Pooja, TISS Mumbai

Today is the last day of my last fieldwork.Fieldwork is an activity unique to Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Each semester, we venture into the corporate world, work alongside the other employees and each week, we meet with our faculty to discuss our trials and travails and tell them

3 Things You Should Do In December After CAT

You know what I did after I gave the CAT?I slept.I slept for two days straight, waking only at mealtimes and for taking long, luxurious baths.  From day 3, when I felt like rejoining the world, I picked up my books and went down to the centre where I was

'It's Not You, It's Us' - The P-O Fit In Organisation - Pooja, TISS Mumbai

Think back to your interviews, think back to your organisations. Think back to your boyfriends, your clubs and your groups. At some point in your life till now, you must have received an answer, ‘We don’t think you would be a right fit for this place/organisation/my life…’Quite contrary to the

The Great Arctic Office Conspiracy Theory - Office Diaries

Have you heard of The Great Arctic Office Conspiracy theory? The evidence to support the theory lies in the sweaters that lie inside the desk drawers of thousands of women. Come on, don't tell me you haven't noticed your colleague shivering like she's stranded beyond the Wall.For the longest time,