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7 Types Of Interns Recruiters Hate

Every year, the recruiters wait for summer because it’s the time for interns to knock on their doors. It's not just the interns who are excited and nervous about their internships, it's the company too. So, imagine their disappointment, when some interns turn out to be the absolute trainwrecks. Most

Is India Ready To Become A Cashless Economy? - Potential B-School WAT-GD Topic

'Is India ready to become a cashless economy?' is a question that has recurred frequently as a GD-PI-WAT topic for the last couple of years during the b-school admissions process. To help you answer this question like a pro, in this article, we will investigate various standpoints and derive our

Important Operations Management Concepts For Your MBA Interviews

MBA interviews generally go on for 20-30 minutes. If you are able to show your best during this time, then nothing can stop you from going to your dream b-school. Hence, you need to prepare hard, know your basics and be aware of current affairs if you are opting for

Important HR Concepts You Must Know Before Your MBA Interview

Once you have cleared your GD-WAT round, you are just one step away from your dream to your dream b-school. Your performance in Personal Interview is the ultimate deciding factor which will determine if you are in or out. So, what do you study to prepare yourself, especially, for MBA