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By PR Cell IIM Shillong

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How Is IIM Shillong's Location An Advantage?

An MBA School takes one through a journey that is like a rollercoaster ride. Assignments, quizzes, pre-placement talks, placement season, sports, case competitions, projects, and thousand other things are happening all at once. Sometimes students burn themselves out and forget the concept of time and peace at a B-School. It

My Journey To IIM Shillong | Mitul Sharma

Engineering was not a dream for me; it was just a goal, and I became utterly directionless after achieving it. I had first thought about giving CAT in the final year of my graduation. However, I felt that I needed to gain some solid work experience before taking up a

Union Budget 2022-23: Steering Economy Through Gusty Winds

With India seemingly dodging another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the union budget for 2022 started with a refreshing and clear emphasis on expanding capital expenditure, alluding to the government's strategic focus. In her opening remarks, the Finance Minister laid down the roadmap to steer the economy over the next

The Saga Of The Student Clubs

An essential piece of the b-school puzzle is an institution’s student clubs. Aspirants succeed in getting hold of plenty of information about the academics and the placements of an institution. Still, little do they find to satisfy the curiosity about the functioning of the clubs of their dream college. To