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Pratibha Goenka

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Guide To Prepare For CAT 2020 | Pratibha's CAT Prep Strategy

A year ago, before joining MDI Gurgaon, I was one of the CAT aspirants among lakhs who had the same feeling of uncertainty as anyone else. Straight after engineering, I decided to take a year gap to prepare for CAT 2018 with complete rigour. To put things into perspective, CAT

A Comprehensive List Of Resources To Build Your Profile

Whenever it comes about preparing for CAT and B-School interviews, there are myriad things to worry about, isn’t it? One of the biggest things is how to compensate for poor academics! And if you have good academics, then how to stand apart to make sure that you convert your best

How Sudhanshu Mishra Of MDI Gurgaon Bagged A PPO With Cognizant?

Sudhanshu Mishra, a PG-HRM student of MDI Gurgaon from the 2018-20 batch shares about his internship experience with us in a detailed interview. In this interview, he talks about how he prepared for his summer internship interview, how his experience was like, how his days were during his internship and

From Dreading LRDI To Scoring 99.45% In LRDI – Here’s How I Improved!

My CAT preparation journey started way back in 2016 when I joined coaching. At coaching, teachers would talk about strategies and although I would listen everything, I had no idea on how to actually implement them. As for LRDI, I was so scared of this section that it was my