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All You Need To Know About Your Form 16 (Salary Certificate)

Form 16 (or salary certificate in layman’s language) is a certificate issued by an employer to all employees for a particular financial year. It is issued at the end of said year reflecting the total salary paid and amount of tax deducted (‘TDS’) during the year. For a salaried employee,

Highlights of Union Budget 2014

Direct Income-tax Proposals1.    No change in income-tax rates – ie present tax rates of 10%, 20% and 30% will continue to apply2.   Minimum exemption limit for all individuals (except super senior citizen ie aged 80 years and above) increased by Rs 50,000. Accordingly, the slab rates for FY 2014-15

HRA Vs Rent Free Accommodation Perquisite - Structure Your Compensation Correctly!

All you need to know when you are staying in an accommodation provided by your employerPresently, individuals are forced to relocate from one city to another for employment and have to look out for an accommodation in the city where employed.  Generally, the employees either find an accommodation on their

Are you set to file your income tax return for the financial year (‘FY’) 2012-13?

( Promoted: All articles by CA Prince Doshi, Tax Planning services by Prince Doshi )Are you set to file your income tax return for the financial year (‘FY’) 2012-13?31st July – The date on or before which every individual / HUF / partnership firm is required to file their income tax return (‘return’)